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Discussion on the Setting Standard of PCB processing Edge Width

  In the PCB process,reserving PCB processing Edge Width has a very important significance for subsequent SMT chip processing  . The processing Edge is to assist in the production of plug-in board, welding peaks in the PCB board on both sides or four sides to increase the part, mainly to assist in production, it does not belong to the PCB part of the production,and it can be removed after assemblying is finished.

PCB processing Edge.gif

As the process will consume more PCB material, increasing the overall cost, so the designer has to balance the economy and feasibility when designing PCB technology edge . For some special shape PCB board, you can make panel skillfully to simplify PCB Technology Edge. you need to fully consider the track width of the SMT machine when design PCB panel size , for more than 350mm PCB panel,you's must confoirm with the SMT supplier.

 The main reason to reserve the PCB process edge is to clamp the PCB board and flow through the placement machine, so it will cause components collision phenomenon if it is too close to the SMT machine's track side, and the the production can not be completed.so it is a must be reserved for a PCB process edge, such as 2 ~ 5mm and so on. Likewise, it is also applicable to some plug-in components that prevent similar phenomena during wave soldering.

 PCB process edge flatness is also an important part of PCB production. it is necessary to ensure the smooth of the process edge when doing removal of the PCB process edge , especially for high precision PCB assembly, any uneven burrs, will cause the installation hole offset,bringing great trouble to the subsequent assembly.

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