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Achieving lower overall cost with DfM

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(Photo : Fastline workshop  ; written by Kathy Nargi-Toth )

It's all about connections. Not simply those that designers make to define their circuit or the ones that circuit board

manufacturers create to fabricate the PCB (printed circuit board); it’s about connecting the design intent with PCB

manufacturing capabilities and assembly requirements.

Without these connections, the PCBA (PCB assembly) will not have the manufacturing robustness or process yield

needed to provide the lowest cost of ownership. And let’s face it, no matter how jazzy the design, if it can"t be built

across a wide manufacturing base with reasonable yields, and assembled at a number of contract manufacturers with

similar performance, the total cost is going to be too high and the project is not going to meet profitability targets.

Design for Manufacture (DfM) is not a new concept. Design rule checking tools for PCBs have been available for more

than 25 years. Simple design rule checks are often the first step in designing profitability into a project. Many of these

tools use industry standard guidelines such as those published by the IPC to determine whether or not the schematic

design and layout fall within generally established manufacturing tolerances.

These tolerances can be based on the actual manufacturing practices of the PCB/PCBA supply partner (preferred), the

OEM/ODM’s body of knowledge or general guidelines provided in the industry's standards.

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