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PCB will have a great opportunity in automotive electronics area

In the drive of automotive lightweight, small, intelligent, electric trends, automotive electronics is growing rapidly, this year there will be 10% of the rapid growth, nearly ten times the growth rate of the vehicle to 2110 Billion dollars. There is no doubt that the PCB industry as a cornerstone of automotive electronics products will benefit from it.

    Car electronic trend

    Throughout the world, Europe and the United States through mandatory laws and regulations to improve vehicle energy saving and emission reduction and safety performance, the rise of consumer electronics to promote consumer communication and entertainment functions of the car gradually increased, which will make the car manufacturers demand for electronic products growing . From 2012 to 2016 in the field of security control will be 10.2% compound growth rate, other areas will also have a compound growth rate of 8.9%.

    The auto industry's two major trends in the future are autopilot and new energy vehicles. Automotive into the era of automation, automotive electronics is an important trend, and new energy vehicles is the representative of the automotive electronics.

    Automotive electronics can be divided into two categories of devices and six systems: one is the automotive electronic control device that is body electronic devices, and the other is the vehicle electronic devices. The six systems are power systems, chassis systems, body systems, driving information systems, security systems and security systems, the six systems can develop their own new technologies, but also Huitong related electronic information to provide more functional services.

    Automotive electronics products are quite extensive, including microcontrollers (MCU), sensors, microwave radar, terminals, diodes, vehicle information communications systems, in addition to the microcontroller is still mastered in the international manufacturers, the rest including reverse Radar, driving record, tire pressure detector, vehicle terminals, automotive generator diodes, vehicle information systems and other products, the domestic industry Jieyou good results in the global auto market sales up robust, and automotive electronics Auto parts will be the mainstream of the future long-term development of auto parts, the current maximum or even reached 40% of the cost of the proportion of electric vehicles in the future will believe that electronic devices will climb to new heights.

    Car PCB will become the fastest growing sub-sectors

    The future of automotive electronics will move towards six functional trends: mobile communications, multimedia entertainment, safe driving assistance (including autopilot), ride comfort and convenience, clean and energy saving (including electric vehicles), protection and preservation All of the PCB industry challenges, but also provide a good opportunity for development.

    For example, the autopilot will bring large-scale application of millimeter-wave radar, so the demand for high-frequency PCB circuit board for radar will be significantly improved, the value is significantly higher than the traditional PCB; electric vehicle BMS is one of the core components, PCB board is one of the basic components of BMS, will also benefit from the development of electric vehicles.

    At present, vehicle PCB in the overall proportion of about 2% of automotive electronics, PCB share of the total share of about 10%, not the highest, but it is the fastest-growing, according to Prismark predicted 2015-2019, PCB compound growth rate of 5%, higher than the overall PCB growth rate.

    Automotive electronics for the PCB requirements are diversified: large low-cost products and high reliability / security needs. In the dashboard, car audio, driving a large number of computer applications such as hard environment, making four layers of 38% of the largest proportion of the output value, two layers and six layers of panels were 16% of the proportion, followed by 8 5% in the engine room, due to high temperature environment and LED light source cooling requirements, making the cooling substrate occupies 3% of the proportion; in high-frequency transmission and wireless radar detection, low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) (Such as IC board, soft board, silver plastic through the hole, etc.), accounting for about 17% of the overall proportion of the total demand for products. On average, a car uses about 1 square meter PCB, worth about $ 60.

    In a large number of electronic driven car, the car will grow up PCB. Automotive PCB orders and high stability of the characteristics of high margins to attract a lot of attention to the new blue-chip PCB industry market.

    As the use of vehicles is carried out in the harsh environment of high speed, making the PCB in the temperature of the PCB, anti-electromagnetic, seismic and corrosion resistance requirements on more than ICT product specifications, thus ensuring the quality of auto parts and to protect driving and passengers Of life safety is the most important issues of all depot, spare parts suppliers to provide long-term stable quality assurance than to provide cheap product price is more important Moreover, vehicle manufacturers for product validation period is often up to three years , So PCB manufacturers need to have enough patience and strength if they want to enter the automotive electronics supply chain .

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