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  • Discountable price Fr4 Antenna PCB - Electronic PCB with ENIG 2u” Finished – Fastline Circuits

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    Shenzhen PCB Manufacturer Fast delivery customized PCB Fabrication circuit boards pcb boards
    Supply Ability
    Supply Ability:
    150000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Year
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    PCB PCBA Manufacturing,Flexible PCB Electronic Circuit Board PCB Assembly
    PCB: Vacuum Packing with Carton Box
    PCBA: ESD Packing with Carton Box

    Product information

    Max Layer 60L 8L 36L
    Inner Layer Min Trace/Space 3/3mil 3/3mil 3/3mil
    Out Layer Min Trace/Space 3/3mil 3.5/4mil 3.5/4mil
    Inner Layer Max Copper 6oz 2oz 6oz
    Out Layer Max Copper 6oz 2oz 3oz
    Min Mechanical Drilling 0.15mm 0.1mm 0.15mm
    Min Laser Drilling 0.1mm 0.1mmItemRIGIDFLEXRIGID-FLEX 0.1mm
    Aspect Ratio(Mechanical Drilling) 20:1 10:1 12:1
    Aspect Ratio(Laser Drilling) 1:1 / 1:1
    Press Fit Hole Ttolerance ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
    PTH Tolerance ±0.075mm ±0.075mm ±0.075mm
    NPTH Tolerance ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
    Countersink Tolerance ±0.15mm ±0.15mm ±0.15mm
    Board Thickness 0.4-8mm 0.1-0.5mm 0.4-3mm
    Board Thickness Tolerance(<1.0mm) ±0.1mm ±0.05mm ±0.1mm
    Board Thickness Tolerance(≥1.0mm) ±10% / ±10%
    Impedance Tolerance Single-Ended:±5Ω(≤50Ω),±7%(>50Ω) Single-Ended:±5Ω(≤50Ω),±10%(>50Ω) Single-Ended:±5Ω(≤50Ω),±10%(>50Ω)
    Differential:±5Ω(≤50Ω),±7%(>50Ω) Differential:±5Ω(≤50Ω),±10%(>50Ω) Differential:±5Ω(≤50Ω),±10%(>50Ω)
    Min Board Size 10*10mm 5*10mm 10*10mm
    Max Board Size 22.5*30inch 9*14inch 22.5*30inch
    Contour Tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.05mm ±0.1mm
    Min BGA 7mil 7mil 7mil
    Min SMT 7*10mil 7*10mil 7*10mil
    Surface Treatment ENIG,Gold Finger,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,HASL(LF),OSP,ENEPIG,Flash Gold;Hard gold plating ENIG,Gold Finger,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,HASL(LF),OSP,ENEPIG,Flash Gold;Hard gold plating ENIG,Gold Finger,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,HASL(LF),OSP,ENEPIG,Flash Gold;Hard gold plating
    Solder Mask Green,Black,Blue,Red,Matt Green Green Solder Mask/Black PI/Yellow PI Green,Black,Blue,Red,Matt Green
    Min Solder Mask Clearance 1.5mil 3mil 1.5mil
    Min Solder Mask Dam 3mil 8mil 3mil
    Legend White,Black,Red,Yellow White,Black,Red,Yellow White,Black,Red,Yellow
    Min Legend Width/Height 4/23mil 4/23mil 4/23mil
    Strain Fillet Width / 1.5±0.5mm 1.5±0.5mm
    Bow & Twist 0.30% / 0.05%


    PCB Lead Time

    Layer Quick Turn/Usual Time  Mass production
    2L 24hours/ 4-5days 8-10days
    4L 48hours/ 6-7days 10-12days
    6L 72hours/ 7-8days 12-14days
    8L 72hours/ 8-10days  16-18days
    10L 96hours/ 12-14days 18-20days


    Production Flow

    HASL Fr4 Custom PCB Prototype Fabrication




    Q1.What is needed for quotation? fpc connector

    • PCB: Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements(material,surface finish treatment, copper thickness,board thickness ,…)
    • PCBA: PCB information, BOM, (Testing documents…) PCB assembly

    Q2. What file formats do you accept for production? prototype pcb assembly

    • Gerber file: CAM350 RS274X
    • PCB file: Protel 99SE,  P-CAD 2001 PCB
    • BOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt) pcb circuit boards

    Q3. Are my files safe? led smd pcb board

    Your files are held in complete safety and security.We protect the intellectual property for our customers in the whole process.. All documents from customers are never shared with any third parties. pcb assembly

    Q4. MOQ? PCB circuit board

    There is no MOQ in POE.We are able to handle Small as well as large volume production with flexibility. electronic circuit board


    Q5.Shipping cost? pcb board

        The shipping cost is determined by the destination, weight, packing size of the goods. Please let us know if you need us to quote you the shipping cost. prototype pcb ass