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    • What is the difference between vector signal and RF signal source?

      What is the difference between vector signal and RF signal source?

      Guide] The signal source can provide accurate and highly stable test signals for various component and system test applications. The signal generator adds an accurate modulation function, which can help simulate the system signal and perform receiver performance testing. Both the vector signal an...
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    • Application Background of Flexible Electronics in RFID

      Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has the characteristics of complete information input and processing without manual contact, fast and convenient operation, rapid development, etc. It is widely used in production, logistics, transportation, medical treatment, food and anti-counter...
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    • Thin-film Solar Cell

      Thin film solar cell (thin film solar cell) is another specific application of flexible electronic technology. In today’s world, energy has become a topic of global concern, and China is not only facing energy shortages, but also environmental pollution. Solar energy, as a kind of clean ene...
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    • What are the factors that affect PCB impedance?

      What are the factors that affect PCB impedance?

      Generally speaking, the factors that affect the characteristic impedance of the PCB are: dielectric thickness H, copper thickness T, trace width W, trace spacing, dielectric constant Er of the material selected for the stack, and thickness of the solder mask. In general, the greater the dielectri...
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    • Why need to cover with the gold for the PCB

      Why need to cover with the gold for the PCB

      1. Surface of PCB: OSP, HASL, Lead-free HASL, Immersion Tin, ENIG, Immersion Silver, Hard gold plating, Plating gold for whole board, gold finger, ENEPIG… OSP: low cost, good solderability, harsh storage conditions, short time, environmental technology, good welding, smooth… HASL: usually it’s mu...
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    • Classification of resistors

          1. Wire wound resistors: general wire wound resistors, precision wire wound resistors, high power wire wound resistors, high frequency wire wound resistors. 2. Thin film resistors: carbon film resistors, synthetic carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, metal oxide film resisto...
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    • Varactor diode

      The varactor diode is a special diode specially designed according to the principle that the junction capacitance of the “PN junction” inside the ordinary diode can change with the change of the applied reverse voltage. The varactor diode is mainly used in the high-frequency modulatio...
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    • Inductor


      Inductor is commonly used in the circuit “L” plus a number, such as: L6 means the inductance number 6. Inductive coils are made by winding insulated wires around a certain number of turns on an insulated skeleton. DC can pass through the coil, the DC resistance is the resistance of th...
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    • Capacitor


      1. The capacitor is generally represented by “C” plus numbers in the circuit (such as C13 means the capacitor numbered 13). The capacitor is composed of two metal films close to each other, separated by an insulating material in the middle. The characteristics of the capacitor are It ...
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    • PCB flying probe test operation skills

      This article will share techniques such as alignment, fixing, and warping board testing in flying probe test operations for reference only. 1. Counterpoint The first thing to talk about is the choice of counterpoints. Generally, only two diagonal holes should be picked as counterpoints. ?) Ignore...
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    • PCB short circuit improvement measures —fixed position short circuit

      PCB short circuit improvement measures —fixed position short circuit

      The main reason is that there is a scratch on the film line or a blockage on the coated screen, and the exposed copper on the fixed position of the coated anti-plating layer causes the PCB to short-circuit. Improve methods: 1. Film negatives must not have trachoma, scratches, etc. The drug film s...
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    • Features of PCB micro-hole mechanical drilling

      Features of PCB micro-hole mechanical drilling

      Nowadays, with the rapid updating of electronic products, the printing of PCB s has expanded from the previous single-layer boards to double-layer boards and multi-layer boards with higher precision requirements. Therefore, there are more and more requirements for the processing of circuit board ...
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