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    • Why does PCB have holes in hole wall coating?

      Treatment before immersion copper   1) . Burring The drilling process of the substrate before copper sinking is easy to produce burr, which is the most important hidden danger to the metallization of inferior holes. It must be solved by deburring technology. Usually by mechanical means, so that...
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    • Chip decryption

      Chip decryption is also known as single-chip decryption (IC decryption). Since the single-chip microcomputer chips in the official product are encrypted, the program cannot be read directly using the programmer. In order to prevent unauthorized access or copying of the on-chip programs of the mic...
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    • What should we pay attention to in PCB laminated design?

      When designing PCB, one of the most basic question to consider is to implement the requirements of the circuit functions need to how much a wiring layer, the ground plane and the power plane, and printed circuit board wiring layer, the ground plane and the power plane determination of the number ...
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    • Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic substrate pcb

      Advantages of ceramic substrate pcb: 1.The ceramic substrate pcb is made of ceramic material, which is an inorganic material and is environmentally friendly; 2.The ceramic substrate itself is insulated and has high insulation performance. The insulation volume value is 10 to 14 ohms, which can ca...
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    • The following are several methods of PCBA board testing:

      PCBA board testing is a key step to ensure that high-quality, high-stability, and high-reliability PCBA products are delivered to customers, reduce defects in the hands of customers, and avoid after-sales. The following are several methods of PCBA board testing: Visual inspection ,Visual inspe...
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    • Process flow of Aluminum PCB

      With the continuous development and progress of modern electronic product technology, electronic products are gradually developing towards the direction of light, thin, small, personalized, high reliability and multi-function. Aluminum PCB was born in accordance with this trend. Aluminum PCB has ...
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    • it is broken and separated after welding, so it is called V-cut.

      When the PCB is assembled, the V-shaped dividing line between the two veneers and between the veneer and the process edge forms a “V” shape; it is broken and separated after welding, so it is called V-cut. Purpose of V-cut: The main purpose of designing the V-cut is to facilitate th...
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    • What are the common faults of PCB screen printing?

      PCB screen printing is an important link in the PCB manufacturing process, then, what are the common faults of PCB board screen printing?  1, The screen level of the fault   1), plugging holes    The reasons for this kind of situation are: printing material dry too fast, in the screen version dry...
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    • Tin spraying is a step and process in the PCB proofing process.

      Tin spraying is a step and process in the PCB proofing process. The PCB board is immersed in a molten solder pool, so that all exposed copper surfaces will be covered with solder, and then the excess solder on the board is removed by a hot air cutter. remove. The soldering strength and reliabilit...
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    • PCB CNC

      CNC also known as computer routing, CNCCH or NC machine tool is actually HongKong there’s a term, then was introduced into China, the pearl river delta is CNC milling machine, and in other area to be called “CNC machining center” a kind of mechanical processing, is a new process...
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    • Matters needing attention in PCB design

      1. The purpose of PCB design should be clear. For important signal lines, the length of wiring and processing ground loops should be very strict. For low-speed and unimportant signal lines, it can be placed on a slightly lower wiring priority. . Important parts include: division of power supply; ...
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    • PCB process edge

      The PCB process edge is a long blank board edge set for the track transmission position and placement of imposition Mark points during SMT processing. The width of the process edge is generally about 5-8mm. In the PCB design process, due to some reasons, the distance between the edge of the compo...
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