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    • Ways to find defective PCB board

      By Measuring Voltage   The first thing to confirm is whether the voltage of each chip power pin is normal or not, then check whether the various reference voltage is normal or not, in addition to the point of the working voltage. For example, a typical silicon triode has a BE junction voltage o...
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    • Panel of PCB

      Panel of PCB

           1.Why need to make the the panel? After PCB design, SMT should be installed on the assembly line to attach components. According to the processing requirements of the assembly line, every SMT processing factory will specify the most appropriate size of the circuit board. For example, if th...
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    • Printed circuit board circuit board

      Printed circuit boards, also called Printed circuit boards, they are electrical connections for electronic components. Printed circuit boards are more often referred to as “PCB” than as “PCB board”. It has been in development for more than 100 years; Its design is mainly...
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    • What is a PCB  Tooling hole?

      What is a PCB Tooling hole?

      Tooling hole of PCB refers to determining the specific position of PCB through hole in the PCB design process, which is a very important in the PCB design process. The function of the locating hole is the processing datum when the printed circuit board is made. PCB tooling hole positioning method...
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    • Back Drilling Process of PCB

      What is the back drilling?         Back drilling is a special kind of deep hole drilling. In the production of multi-layer boards, such as 12-layer boards, we need to connect the first layer to the ninth layer. Usually, we drill a through hole (a single drill) and then sink copper.In this way, ...
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    • PCB Circuit Board Design Points

       Is a PCB complete when the layout is completed and no problems are found with connectivity and spacing?   The answer, of course, is no. Many beginners, even including some experienced engineers, due to limited time or impatient or too confident, tend to be hurry, ignoring the late checking...
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    • Why Multilayer PCB Are Even Layers?

      PCB board has one layer, two layers and multiple layers, among which there is no limit on the number of layers of multilayer board. Currently, there are more than 100 layers of PCB, and the common multilayer PCB is four layers and six layers. So why do people say, “why are PCB multilayers m...
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    • Temperature Rise of Printed Circuit Board

      The direct cause of PCB temperature rise is due to the existence of circuit power dissipation devices, electronic devices have different degrees of power dissipation, and the heating intensity varies with the power dissipation. 2 phenomena of temperature rise in PCB: (1) local temperature rise or...
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    • Market trend of PCB Industry

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        —-from PCBworld       Due to the advantages of China’s huge domestic demand...
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    • Several Multilayers Pcb Surface Treatment Methods

      Hot air leveling applied on the surface of PCB molten tin lead solder and heated compressed air leveling (blowing flat) process. Making it form an oxidation resistant coating can provide good weldability. The hot air solder and copper form a copper-sikkim compound at the junction, with a thickne...
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    • Notes for copper clad Print circuit board

      The CCL (Copper Clad Laminate) is to take the spare space on the PCB as the reference level, then fill it with solid copper, which is also known as copper pouring. The significance of CCL as below: reduce ground impedance and improve anti-interference ability reduce voltage drop and improve powe...
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    • What is the Relation Between PCB and Integrated Circuit?

      In the process of learning electronics, we often realize printed circuit board (PCB) and integrated circuit (IC), a lot of people are “silly confused” about these two concepts. In fact, they are not that complicated, today we will clarify the difference between PCB and integrated circ...
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