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    • How is the inner layer of the PCB made

      Due to the complex process of PCB manufacturing, in the planning and construction of intelligent manufacturing, it is necessary to consider the related work of process and management, and then carry out automation, information and intelligent layout.   Process classification According to the num...
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    • PCB wiring process requirements (can be set in the rules)

      (1) Line In general, the signal line width is 0.3mm (12mil), the power line width is 0.77mm (30mil) or 1.27mm (50mil); the distance between the line and the line and the pad is greater than or equal to 0.33mm (13mil) ). In practical applications, increase the distance when conditions permit; When...
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    • HDI PCB Design Questions

      1. Which aspects should the circuit board DEBUG start from? As far as digital circuits are concerned, first determine three things in order: 1) Confirm that all power values ​​meet the design requirements. Some systems with multiple power supplies may require certain specifications for the order ...
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    • High frequency PCB design probelm

      1. How to deal with some theoretical conflicts in actual wiring? Basically, it is right to divide and isolate the analog/digital ground. It should be noted that the signal trace should not cross the moat as much as possible, and the return current path of the power supply and signal should not be...
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    • High frequency PCB design

      High frequency PCB design

      1. How to choose PCB board? The choice of PCB board must strike a balance between meeting design requirements and mass production and cost. Design requirements include electrical and mechanical parts. This material problem is usually more important when designing very high-speed PCB boards (frequ...
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    • What is the difference between gold plating and silver plating on PCB?

      What is the difference between gold plating and silver plating on PCB?

      Many DIY players will find that the PCB colors used by various board products in the market are dazzling. The more common PCB colors are black, green, blue, yellow, purple, red and brown. Some manufacturers have ingeniously developed PCBs of different colors such as white and pink.   In the tradi...
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    • Teach you how to judge whether a PCB is genuine​ ​

        –PCBworld The shortage of electronic components and price increases. It provides opportunities for counterfeiters.   Nowadays, fake electronic components are becoming popular. Many fakes such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, MOS tubes, and single-chip computers are circulating in...
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    • Why plug the vias of the PCB?

      Conductive hole Via hole is also known as via hole. In order to meet customer requirements, the circuit board via hole must be plugged. After a lot of practice, the traditional aluminum plugging process is changed, and the circuit board surface solder mask and plugging are completed with white me...
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    • Misunderstanding 4: Low-power design

      Misunderstanding 4: Low-power design

      Common mistake 17: These bus signals are all pulled by resistors, so I feel relieved. Positive solution: There are many reasons why signals need to be pulled up and down, but not all of them need to be pulled. The pull-up and pull-down resistor pulls a simple input signal, and the current is less...
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    • Continue from Last Chapter: Misunderstanding 2: Reliability Design

      Continue from Last Chapter: Misunderstanding 2: Reliability Design

      Common mistake 7: This single board has been produced in small batches, and no problems have been found after a long time of testing, so there is no need to read the chip manual. Common Mistake 8: I can’t be blamed for user operation errors. Positive solution: It is correct to require the user to...
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    • Electronic engineers often make mistakes (1) How many things have you done wrong?

      Electronic engineers often make mistakes (1) How many things have you done wrong?

      Misunderstanding 1: Cost saving Common mistake 1: What color should the indicator light on the panel choose? I personally prefer blue, so choose it. Positive solution: For the indicator lights on the market, red, green, yellow, orange, etc., regardless of size (under 5MM) and packaging, they have...
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    • What to do if the PCB is deformed

      What to do if the PCB is deformed

      For the pcb copy board, a little carelessness may cause the bottom plate to deform. If it is not improved, it will affect the quality and performance of the pcb copy board. If it is directly discarded, it will cause cost losses. Here are some ways to correct the deformation of the bottom plate.  ...
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