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    • Counterbore


      Countersunk holes are drilled on the circuit board with a flat head drill needle or gong knife, but cannot be drilled through (i.e., semi through holes). The transition part between the hole wall at the outermost/largest hole diameter and the hole wall at the smallest hole diameter is parallel to...
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    • What is the role of the tooling strip with PCB?

      What is the role of the tooling strip with PCB?

      In the PCB production process, there is another important process, that is, tooling strip. The reservation of process edge is of great significance for the subsequent SMT patch processing. The tooling strip is the part added on both sides or four sides of the PCB board, mainly to assist the SMT p...
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    • Introduction of Via-in-Pad:

      Introduction of Via-in-Pad:

      Introduction of Via-in-Pad: It is well known that vias (VIA) can be divided into plated through hole, blind vias hole and buried vias hole, which have different functions. With the development of electronic products, vias play a vital role in the interlayer interconnection of printed circuit bo...
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    • DFM design of PCB manufacturing spacing

      DFM design of PCB manufacturing spacing

      The electrical safety spacing mainly depends on the level of the plate-making factory, which is generally 0.15mm. In fact, it can be even closer. If the circuit is not related to the signal, as long as there is no short circuit and the current is sufficient, large current requires thicker wiring ...
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    • Several Inspection Methods of PCBA Board Short Circuit

      Several Inspection Methods of PCBA Board Short Circuit

      In the process of SMT chip processing, short circuit is a very common poor processing phenomenon. The short circuited PCBA circuit board cannot be used normally. The following is a common inspection method for short circuit of PCBA board.   1. It is recommended to use a short circuit positi...
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    • Manufacturability design of PCB electrical safety distance

      There are many PCB design rules. The following is an example of electrical safety spacing. Electrical rule setting is the design circuit board in the wiring must abide by the rules, including the safety distance, open circuit, short circuit setting. The setting of these parameters will affect the...
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    • Ten defects of PCB circuit board design process

      PCB circuit boards are widely used in various electronic products in today’s industrially developed world. According to different industries, the color, shape, size, layer, and material of PCB circuit boards are different. Therefore, clear information is required in the design of PCB circui...
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    • What is the PCB warpage’s standard?

      In fact, PCB warping also refers to the bending of the circuit board, which refers to the original flat circuit board. When placed on the desktop, the two ends or the middle of the board appear slightly upward. This phenomenon is known as PCB warping in the industry. The formula for calculating t...
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    • What are the requirements of laser welding process for PCBA design?

      1.Design for Manufacturability of PCBA                   The manufacturability design of PCBA mainly solves the problem of assemblability, and the purpose is to achieve the shortest process path, the highest soldering pass rate, and the lowest production cost. The design content mainly includes: ...
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    • Manufacturability design of PCB layout and wiring

      Manufacturability design of PCB layout and wiring

      Regarding the PCB layout and wiring problem, today we will not talk about signal integrity analysis (SI), electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC), power integrity analysis (PI). Just talking about the manufacturability analysis (DFM), the unreasonable design of manufacturability will also le...
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    • SMT processing

      SMT processing is a series of process technology for processing on the basis of PCB. It has the advantages of high mounting accuracy and fast speed, so it has been adopted by many electronic manufacturers. The SMT chip processing process mainly includes silk screen or glue dispensing, mounting or...
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    • How to make a good PCB board?

      We all know that making PCB board is to turn the designed schematic into a real PCB board. Please don’t underestimate this process. There are many things that are feasible in principle but difficult to achieve in the project, or others can achieve things that some people can not achieve Moo...
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