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  • 2020 Shenzhen Measures for enterprises to resume work when meet Coronavirus

    General secretary xi Jinping’s important speech on epidemic prevention and control and overall planning for economic and social development is an important indicator for us to change the “dilemma” into “balance of two” and strive for double victories.

    We worked tirelessly to prevent and control the epidemic and effectively and orderly promoted the resumption of work and production of enterprises. Shenzhen will give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all sectors, and adhere to the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development to grasp both hands, both hands hard, not to mistake!

    As of February 22, the city has a total of 113,000 enterprises return to work and production, including 1023 top 100 enterprises, 16,600 enterprises above the scale; There are 2,277 construction sites under construction in the city, with a total of 727 restarting work, accounting for 90% of the epidemic prevention and control, emergency rescue, urban operation, basic livelihood and major activities.

    As a major foreign trade city and an important economic town, Shenzhen has taken the lead in demonstrating its commitment to minimize the impact of the epidemic, to be the first to emerge from the impact of the epidemic, to take new steps in high-quality development, to ensure the realization of the economic and social development goals for the whole year, and to make special contributions to supporting the overall situation of the whole country.

    For enterprises, there is always an organic crisis in crisis.” ‘the outbreak has created a new economy, new business forms, new consumption and new demand,’ Mr. Guo said.

    “Shenzhen companies have a unique gene that they are proud of.” Shen yong said that thanks to the relatively developed market economy and strong innovation atmosphere in Shenzhen, the enterprises have strong “market genes” and “innovation genes”, which can turn crisis into opportunity again and again and forge stronger competitiveness of enterprises. Shenzhen enterprises in the outbreak of positive response, innovation breakthrough, may also provide a “solution to the problem”.

    We will comprehensively prevent the infection of employees of hazardous waste management units, ensure the health of employees, ensure the normal operation of municipal infrastructure, maintain social security and stability, and win the battle for the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic.

    (1) Learn about the history and conditions of the workers
    Conduct a thorough investigation on the employees in advance, learn about the trips of workers returning to Shenzhen in the past 14 days, and find out whether the employees have been to the places with high incidence of the epidemic, and whether they have been exposed to new cases of pneumonia and suspected cases.
    Make statistics on the number of employees returning to their posts and the planned travel time of the enterprises, and do a good job in the connection between the on-post time, health monitoring and epidemic prevention materials.

    2. Strictly implementing health examination and health registration.
    Set up a health administrator, responsible for collecting the health status of employees, according to the provisions of the district health department to report the health status of employees.
    Employees should strictly in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, through the “Shenzhen” I fill out personal information, and actively cooperate with the government department to supervise and inspect the prevention and control of epidemic, a suspected new crown pneumonia symptoms such as fever, cough, immediately to the medical institutions fever clinics without having to leave courtyard observer, should set up special observation area in the unit of choose and employ persons/point observation, or in the deep from the housing can be home quarantine, until the symptoms disappear.

    (3) manage screening registration.
    Take temperature measurements of all incoming vehicles and personnel, and inquire about and record past travel history and contact history.
    Managers should wear masks and gloves correctly to protect themselves.
    People with body temperature ≥37.3℃ or other suspicious symptoms are not allowed to enter: if they come from the epidemic area within 14 days, inform 120 emergency vehicles to transfer the patient to the designated hospital;
    If it is a staff from other areas, persuade them to go to the nearest fever outpatient hospital.

    (4) scientific arrangement of personnel scheduling.
    Reasonably arrange shifts of production personnel, minimize contact between different types of work, and divide them into groups within the same type of work.