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  • Application of Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment in PCB Inspection

    Machine vision is a branch of artificial intelligence is developing fast, in short, machine vision is to use machines to replace human eyes do measurement and judgment, machine vision system is made by machine vision products will be getting goals into image signal, and send it to the dedicated image processing system, get the subject target shape information, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, converted to digital signals.

    The machine vision system is literally divided into three parts: machine, vision and system. The machine is responsible for the movement and control of the machine.
    Vision is realized through light source, industrial lens, industrial camera, image acquisition card, etc.

    The system mainly refers to the software, but also can be understood as a complete set of machine vision equipment.

    Machine vision technology is a combination of software and hardware. The main components include cameras, cameras, image sensors, visual processing and communication equipment. A complete system can capture images of any object and analyze them according to different parameters of quality and security.

    Automatic optical detection equipment is the use of machine vision detection technology to detect products. It can meet the requirements of PCB detection on the production line. The automatic optical detection system can detect the following errors: missing component paste, polarity error of tantalum capacitor, wrong welding pin positioning or deflection, pin bending or folding, excessive or insufficient solder, welding spot bridge or virtual welding, etc.Automatic optical inspection can not only detect visual cannot find out the defects of artificial, can detect the needle bed unable to gain access to online tests of components and welding points, improve the defect coverage, can also work quality of each process in the production process and the types of defects such as collection, feedback, analysis and management for process control personnel, reduce the PCB scrap rate.