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  • The rise of new forces in science, technology is accelerating

    Scientific and technological innovation is becoming a new force in the fight against the epidemic.

    Recently, the central and local governments have issued new policies on “science and technology to fight the epidemic” to encourage enterprises to take part in epidemic prevention and control and innovative transformation. Many enterprises have launched “black technologies” such as big data monitoring and air imaging to help prevent and control the epidemic.

    Experts pointed out that under the support of scientific and technological innovation, the anti – epidemic stability of the economy press the key to accelerate.
    The application and accelerated popularization of the new generation of information technology will not only demonstrate the resilience and potential of the Chinese economy, but also inject new drivers for innovation-driven and high-quality development.
    “Tencent conference is expanding its resources every day, with an average daily capacity of nearly 15,000 cloud hosts.
    As user demand grows further, the data will continue to refresh.”  Tencent company related staff said to reporters, in order to meet the needs of a large number of users for telecommuting, Tencent conference has been officially open to users nationwide free upgrade of 300 people meeting collaboration capacity, until the end of the epidemic.

    In order to speed up the resumption of production, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places are encouraging enterprises to adopt online office, flexible office, network cloud office and other office modes.
    Meanwhile, Internet companies with a keen sense of smell, such as Tencent, Alibaba and by tedance, are trying their best to boost “cloud” services.

    In the manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing is also full of vitality to resume production.

    The intelligent AGV car shuttering back and forth, the production site that automates the whole process of transportation and the whole process of materials are not landed on the ground, the intelligent robot that constantly brandisks the manipulator for automatic and accurate operation, the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse that automatically identifies materials and automatically leaves the warehouse, and a large number of intelligent software systems are also providing strong support…
    Shandong inspur intelligent factory is cranking out high-end servers.

    Policy also continues to work. Office of the ministry released on February 18, “about the use of a new generation of information technology support service notice of epidemic prevention and control and return to work and production work, require use of a new generation of information technology to accelerate the return to work and production of enterprises, deepen the Internet industry, industrial software (industrial APP), artificial intelligence, augmented reality/new technology applications, such as virtual reality to promote collaborative research and development, there is no production, remote operation, online services and other new patterns of new formats, to speed up the recovery manufacturing capacity.

    At the local level, Guangdong province has introduced a number of additional policies to meet the demand for industrial enterprises to resume production during the epidemic prevention and control period.
    We will work from the “three ends” of the industrial Internet: the supply end, the demand end, and the upgrade end. We will accelerate the application of new technologies and models of the industrial Internet by industrial enterprises, and use market forces to help them resume their work and production.

    Experts pointed out that scientific and technological innovation is not only a powerful tool to fight the epidemic, but also to accelerate the formation of new economic growth points. In the future, more efforts should be made to support and encourage the pilot application of the new generation of information technology in a wider range of areas, accelerate the pace of industrial transformation, and enable innovation and high-quality economic development.

    As the core of scientific and technological innovation and development, printed circuit board needs to provide more vitality for innovation and development. Our Fastline factory is ready and hopes to contribute to this new challenge.