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  • Thin-film Solar Cell

    Thin film solar cell (thin film solar cell) is another specific application of flexible electronic technology. In today’s world, energy has become a topic of global concern, and China is not only facing energy shortages, but also environmental pollution. Solar energy, as a kind of clean energy, can effectively ease the contradiction of energy shortage on the premise of zero environmental pollution.

    As the most commonly used way of using solar energy, solar panels can cover a large area at the lowest cost to effectively use solar energy. At present, amorphous silicon thin-film solar panels have been successfully developed and entered the market.

    Thin-film solar panels based on flexible electronic technology can meet the needs of high-power generation. For example, such thin-film solar panels can be used in solar power plants in sunny desert areas.

    In addition to this, it can also take full advantage of its flexibility and lightness, and integrate it on clothes. Wear this kind of clothes to walk or exercise in the sun, and the power of small electrical appliances (such as MP3 players and notebook computers) that can be carried with you can be supplied by the thin-film solar panels on the clothes, thereby achieving the purpose of saving and environmental protection.