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  • To prevent welding porosity in PCBA production

    1. Bake

    PCBA substrates and components that have not been used for a long time and exposed to the air may contain moisture. Bake them after a period of time or before use to prevent moisture from affecting PCBA processing.

    2. Solder paste

    Solder paste is also very important for the processing of PCBA factories, and if there is moisture in the solder paste, it is also easy to produce air holes or tin beads and other undesirable phenomena during the soldering process.

    In the selection of solder paste, it is not possible to cut corners. It is necessary to use high-quality solder paste, and the solder paste must be processed in accordance with the processing requirements for warming and stirring in strict accordance with the processing requirements. In early PCBA processing, it is best not to expose the solder paste to the air for a long time. After printing the solder paste in the SMT process, it is necessary to seize the time for reflow soldering.

    3. Humidity in the workshop

    The humidity of the processing workshop is also a very important environmental factor for PCBA processing. Generally, it is controlled at 40-60%.

    4. Furnace temperature curve

    Strictly follow the standard requirements of electronic processing plants for furnace temperature detection, and plan to optimize the furnace temperature curve. The temperature of the preheating zone needs to meet the requirements, so that the flux can fully volatilize, and the speed of the furnace can not be too fast.

    5. Flux

    In the wave soldering process of PCBA processing, the flux should not be sprayed too much.

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