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  • Milestones

    ear Milestones
    Jan. 2003 Fastline  Circuits set up
    Mar. 2004 Shenzhen Bao An Office start to operate
    Mar. 2004 Shenzhen Environmental Protection Advanced Unit
    May-04 ISO9001:2000
    May-04 ISO14001:2004
    May-04 TS16949:2002
    Aug. 2004 The area D expansion
    May-05 UL Certifiaction
    Sep.2005 Load Production
    Feb.2006 Fastline Metal core PCB Division established
    May.2007 Clear Production
    July.2007 CQC
    Sep.2007 Join Shenzhen PCB Industry Assiciation 
    Sep.2007 Heavy copper PCB manufacturing capability 
    Oct.2007 26 layers PCB capability 
    Mar.2008 AAA Customs High Credit Enterprise
    Jun-08 TS16949:2009
    Mar.2010 A major breakthrough of HDI board, Import laser drill  machines
    Apr.2011 Fastline PCB assembly Division established
    May-11 01005 Components PCB Assembly capability 
    Jun-12 ISO13485
    Mar-12 Country High-tech Enterprise