• PCB material: MCCL vs FR-4

    Metal base copper clad plate and FR-4 are two commonly used printed circuit board (PCB) substrates in the electronics industry. They differ in material composition, performance characteristics and application fields. Today, Fastline will provide you with a comparative analysis of these two materi...
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  • HDI blind buried via circuit board design

    HDI blind and buried via circuit board design is a complex electronic engineering process that involves multiple key steps and considerations. HDI blind and buried via circuit board design enables designers to create more complex and advanced electronic products. Through accurate blind and buried...
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  • What is the role of the multilayer circuit board factory in the production of small household appliances?

    Multilayer circuit board factory can be said to be a major contributor in the electronics industry, and it also plays an important role in the manufacture of small household appliances. With the continuous progress of science and technology, small household appliances are rapidly developing in a ...
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  • Wire Bonding

    Wire Bonding

    Wire bonding – the method of mounting a chip onto a PCB There are 500 to 1,200 chips connected to each wafer before the end of the process. In order to use these chips where needed, the wafer needs to be cut into individual chips and then connected to the outside and powered on. At this time, the...
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  • Three PCB steel stencil processes

    Three PCB steel stencil processes

    PCB steel stencil can be divided into the following types according to process: 1. Solder paste stencil: As the name suggests, it is used to apply solder paste. Carve holes in a piece of steel that correspond to the pads on the PCB board. Then use solder paste to pad print onto the PCB board thro...
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  • Why can’t PCB line go right Angle?

    In PCB production, the design of the circuit board is a very time-consuming and does not allow for any sloppy process. In the PCB design process, there will be an unwritten rule, that is, to avoid the use of right-angle wiring, so why is there such a rule? This is not a whim of the designers, but...
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  • What causes black PCBA circuit board welding plate?

    PCBA circuit board welding disc black problem is a more common circuit board bad phenomenon, resulting in PCBA welding disc black for many reasons, but usually caused by the following reasons: 1, pad oxidation: If the PCBA pad is exposed to humidity for a long time, it will cause the surface of t...
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  • What is the impact of PCB surface treatment process on SMT welding quality?

    In PCBA processing and production, there are many factors that affect the quality of SMT welding, such as PCB, electronic components, or solder paste, equipment and other problems at any place will affect the quality of SMT welding, then PCB surface treatment process will have what impact on the ...
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  • What are the characteristics of PCB aluminum substrate?

    Aluminum substrate as a special kind of PCB, its application field has long been all over the communication, power, power, LED lighting and other industries, especially high-power electronic equipment will almost use aluminum substrate, and aluminum substrate is so popular, are due to its followi...
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  • What are the apertures of pcb through holes?

    What are the apertures of pcb through holes?

    There are many types of PCB through hole apertures, and different apertures can be selected according to different application requirements and design requirements. The following will detail the aperture of several common PCB through holes and the difference between PCB through holes and through ...
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  • What is FPC Printed Circuit Board?

    There are many kinds of circuit boards on the market, and the professional terms are different, among which the fpc board is very widely used, but many people do not know much about the fpc board, so what does the fpc board mean? 1, fpc board is also called “flexible circuit board”, i...
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  • The Importance of Copper Thickness in PCB Manufacturing

    The Importance of Copper Thickness in PCB Manufacturing

    PCBs in sub-products are an integral part of modern electronic equipment. Copper thickness is a very important factor in the PCB manufacturing process. The correct copper thickness can ensure the quality and performance of the circuit board, and also affects the reliability and stability of elect...
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