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  • Inductor

    Inductor is commonly used in the circuit “L” plus a number, such as: L6 means the inductance number 6.

    Inductive coils are made by winding insulated wires around a certain number of turns on an insulated skeleton.

    DC can pass through the coil, the DC resistance is the resistance of the wire itself, and the voltage drop is very small; when the AC signal passes through the coil, the self-induced electromotive force will be generated at both ends of the coil.The direction of the self-induced electromotive force is opposite to the direction of the applied voltage, which hinders the AC Pass, so the characteristic of the inductance is to pass DC resistance to AC, the higher the frequency, the greater the coil impedance. The inductance can form an oscillation circuit with the capacitor in the circuit.

    Inductance generally has a straight-label method and a color-code method, which is similar to a resistor. For example: brown, black, gold, and gold indicate an inductance of 1uH (5% error).

    The basic unit of inductance is: Heng (H) The conversion unit is: 1H = 103 mH = 106 uH.