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  • Printed Circuit board working layer

    Printed Circuit board includes many types of working layer, such as signal layer, protection layer, silkscreen layer, internal layer, Multi- layers

    Circuit board Is briefly introduced as follows:

    (1) signal layer: mainly used to place components or wiring. Protel DXP usually consists of 30 intermediate layers, namely Mid Layer1~Mid Layer30. The middle layer is used to arrange the signal line, and the top layer and the bottom layer are used to place components or copper coating.

    The protection layer: mainly used to ensure that the circuit board does not need to be coated with tin, so as to ensure the reliability of the circuit board operation. The Top Paste and Bottom Paste are the Top layer and the Bottom layer respectively. Top Solder and Bottom Solder are respectively the Solder protection layer and the Bottom Solder protection layer.

    Screen printing layer: mainly used to print on the circuit board components serial number, production number, company name, etc.

    Internal layer: mainly used as a signal wiring layer, Protel DXP contains a total of 16 internal layers.

    Other layers: mainly including 4 types of layers.

    Drill Guide: mainly used for Drill positions on printed circuit boards.

    Keep-out Layer: mainly used to draw the electrical border of the circuit board.

    Drill Drawing: mainly used to set the Drill shape.

    Multi-layer: mainly used to set up multi-layer.