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      PCB layout tjenester, 911EDA er en industri førende i PCB layout og PCB design, der understøtter kunder i over 17 år.
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      fremragende team

      Modne tekniske team, arbejdere hold, behøver du kun at lade os vide din idé


      For at kunne levere sande værdi og bekvemmelighed til vores PCB fabrikation kunder, tilbyder vi avancerede nøglefærdige PCB montage service.
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      Efter salg service

      Advanced forvaltning begreber og service bevidsthed


    Shenzhen FastLine Circuits Co, Limited


    • FR4 PCB+

      FR4 PCB

    • Rogers PCB +

      Rogers PCB

    • Flex PCB+

      Flex PCB

    • Stive -Flex PCB+

      Stive -Flex PCB

    • Metal PCB+

      Metal PCB

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    FastLine Circuits Co, Limited has the most diversified printed circuit board technologies available, including Multi-layer PCB, Aluminum based PCB, Ceramic PCB, HDI PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Rogers PCB and pcb assembly,etc. We offer a one-stop solution for customers. We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise and provides time-critical, technologically advanced engineering an manufacturing services for the electronics industry. Sound quality gains a good reputation for Fastline. Loyal customers have cooperated with us again and again and new customers come to Fastline to establish cooperation relationship when they hear of a great reputation. We look forward to offering high-quality service to you!

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    For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 12 hours.

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